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SmartLite Buttons

Remote controlled flashing buttons for fundraising, events, concerts or trade shows.

Whether you are planning for an event or a trade show, SmartLites makes it possible to interactively engage with your participants by remote control.  Create flash prize drawings and by a push of a button only the winners button flashes. Or, make up and play different games by using the 15 colors and 5 flashing patterns with over 75 flashing light variations on your branded smart buttons. Want to leave the table just put the remote on auto and it will run all the buttons in the different sequences while you are away.  See video.

The buttons are 2.361” in diameter

15 colors

5 flashing patterns

Over 75 color and flashing variations

Add your logo or customized artwork

Battery life is  6-8 hours

Distance is up to 3,280 ft


Delivery time is 3-4 weeks

remote control blinking buttons

Call or email for pricing.

Remote Control LED Blinking Buttons

Remote Control LED Blinking Buttons

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Fundraising Example:


Flash Drawings: Fundraising participants purchase SmartLites at your table for $10 or more depending on the size of the event. Five dollars will go for the purchase of the buttons and the remote rental. The remaining money goes to your charity. Throughout the event you can have up to seven flash drawings with one being a grand prize winner. The Flash Draw winners are selected by you choosing a letter from A-G and a color on the remote. If you want to walk away from the table, no problem, just set the remote too auto and it will mix up the colors and flashing to over 75 different variations. Or, during the event, you can have the buttons light up only during the Flash Drawings. 

Trade Show Examples:

Quick Draw: The registree signs up and asked to select a button from 10 or more buttons flashing on the table. Then asked to select a letter between A - H as well as a color. Push the buttons selected on the remote. If their button changes to the color they selected they are a winner. 

Flash Seven: Hand out your SmartLites and every hour press a button from A-G then press red & flash buttons. The flashing button winners returns to the booth to collect their prizes. You determine how many winners at the event. A winner every hour for seven hours.

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